Property Weekly

Bespoke Realestate website built on WordPress

Property Weekly

Wordpress based Property website

The heart of the site is a custom WordPress theme. The site styling is mobile first, and themed using SCSS. I build it with Bootstrap and the Bones WP starter theme.

Advanced Custom Fields was used for custom featured property articles, with property data specific fields like Auction info, agent and number of beds/bathrooms/car spaces.

RealestateView API integration

Property Weekly uses the RealestateView API for Australian real estate listing data.

Listings are displayed as a grid, list or map.

Individual listings are served as virtual wordpress pages, making them SEO friendly.

Various widgets were built for displaying a featured listing on the front page, or a grid of properties from a featured agent.

Digital Edition viewer

PDFJS based print edition browser. A new post type was created for pdfs, with an easy pdf upload form using the WordPress media browser.