AJN Advertising

Advertising microsite redesigned to mimic the AJN media kit

AJN Advertising
#Gatsby#React#Contentful#Styled Components

The dream stack

Gatsby / React / Styled Components / Contentful / Netlify is my current favourite stack for creating static websites (they can of course be dynamic – hello serverless functions).

It's just so fast, both in terms of development/deployment time and page speed.

One page advertising site reimagined

I built the site to have a 1:1 relationship with the content of our media kit print out / PDF. All of the sizing and specs is displayed in neat tables / grids.

I made a global search with Lunr, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for.

I took advantage of the AJN Pdfs graphql API in order to always have the freshest editions of the Media Kit pdf and Supplement example pdfs.

Unified content

All of the images and text content, and various other configurations, are stored in Contentful. Editors and developers alike can easily update content without the need for code changes or FTPing of static assets.

Contentful table extension

I built a Contentful JSON object field extension for this project, so table data could be edited inline in Contentful.

Check it out here: